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We are a passionate about responsible, sustainable, and reliable products.

We provide effective cleaning solutions into the market. In the modern world, you need something effective to nourishing your skin, clean your body and keep the environment safe.


What can we offer you?

We offer you products that take care of you and of the others you care for, while taking care of the environment.

We believe in a friendly approach by using green chemistry concepts in manufacturing of our products.

We have the important COSMOS Organic seal and our flushable products count with the seal of approval from INDA & EDANA, two major companies responsible to standardize the use of wipes for personal care and avoid clogs.

Our Rawganic skincare line is 100% organic and eco-friendly, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals on your body.

Buy our products

Dymacare® Wash Mitts


Pillow pack with resealable closure
8 mitts/pack
DY 400


Dymacare® Antibacterial Shampoo Cap

Laminated pillow pack


1 cap/pack
DY 301


Dymacare® 2% Chlorhexidine Wash Mitts

Pillow pack with resealable closure
8 wipes/pack
DY 200


Rawganic® Anti-aging facial wipes

Anti-aging range


25 wipes