Wash mitts| fragance free


Rinse-free non-woven fabric resistant mitt can be heated for warmer feeling and it is impregnated with a non-alcoholic cleansing and conditioning solution.


Product description:

ABinder-free spunlace viscose-polyester non-woven fabric. Embossed pattern
Fabric weight: 100 gsm (nominal)

Mitt construction:

Two sides sewn with one folded edge and one open edge


L200 (unfragranced)
Appearance: slightly cloudy mobile liquid
Colour: clear to pale yellow
Smell: no fragrance to be noticeable
194ml per pack, 5.82 ltr per case

Primary packaging:

Type: Resealable laminated flow-wrapped pack
Colour: Printed white and blue
Closure: Resealable blue tab closure in top face
End and fin seal appearance should be neat and cut square
Free from leaks
No PVC components permitted in the packaging


Mitts per pack: 8
Size of mitt: 220×160 mm (nominal)
Total area of mitts: 0.726 m2 (nominal)
Total pack weight: 260 ± 26 g
Pack size: 240 x 120 x 25 mm (length x
breadth x height) (nominal)
Batch code: a unique batch code should be printed on each pack


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