Bed bath | antibacterial


Designed to give you up to 24 hours of residual effect. Dermatological tested and no need to rinse or dry.


Product description:

A non-woven fabric impregnated with an antibacterial non-alcoholic skin cleansing solution, contained within a resealable microwaveable pack of 10 wipes Fabric weight: 70 gsm (nominal)


Type: binder-free hydro-entangled spun lace non-woven


Appearance: slightly cloudy mobile liquid
Colour: clear to pale yellow
Smell: no fragrance to be noticeable
195ml per pack, 5.85 ltr per case

Primary packaging:

Type: resealable laminated flow-wrapped pack
Colour: printed white and green
Closure: resealable closure in top face
End and fin seal appearance: neat and cut square
Free from leaks
No PVC components permitted in the packaging


Wipes per pack: 10
Size of wipe: 330 x 220 mm (nominal)
Thickness of wipe: 70 gsm
Total area of wipes: 0.726 m2 (nominal)
Total pack weight: 245 ± 24 g
Pack size: 245 x 112 x 20 mm (length x breadth x height) (nominal)
Pitch length: 250 mm (nominal)
Batch code: a unique batch code should be printed on each pack, identifying the production run


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